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…And we’re back!

As declared with some fan-fare a few months ago, the Start an Archives! blog relocated to the PADIYL site.

This was an effort to combine forces with the Philadelphia Alliance of DIY Libraries, and to create a more centralized locale for all-things-independent-collection-related.

Since then, however, PADIYL has decided to take a hiatus. The member organizations (nice folks one and all, be sure to visit their sites here, here and here) thought it prudent to focus on the immediate needs of building sustainable collections before moving on to umbrella organizations. No doubt a smartĀ  move.

I mention all this to say: We Back!

And we’ll be celebrating by posting interviews with independent collections near and far.

Stay tuned for that!

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Moving to PADIYL!

We’re Moving!

We’re just about one year old here at Start an Archives! blog, and I’m happy to announce we’ve found a new home.

In light of our mission to explore the trials, tribulations, adventures and joys of community archives, all future SaA! posts will be over at the Philadelphia Alliance of DIY Libraries site. Check us out to stay up to date: http://www.padiyl.org/blog/start-an-archves.

See you over there!

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Philadelphia Alliance of DIY Libraries

It has been mentioned a few times here already, but it bears repeating, I think: there’s a new group in the early stages of formation — the Philadelphia Alliance of DIY Libraries (PADIYL) — that aims to help small, independent libraries and archives join forces and share resources and know-how.

The website can be found here: www.padiyl.org.

If you’re in the Philadelphia are and you’re interested in getting involved, there is a meeting coming up later this month.

This holds great promise for the city and for community collections everywhere.

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