About Start an Archives! blog

Start an Archives! is a blog about the trials and tribulations of starting a community archives. It’s been my experience that the best way to learn is by doing. Coincidentally, the best way to find out how hard something is to do, is also by doing.

This blog will act as an aggregating space for resources for starting an archives — with all that includes — as well as reflections and lessons based on my personal experience.

It is my sincere hope that Start an Archives! will be helpful for other people when they decided to start an archives.

About me

Hi! I’m Scott. I am an archivist in Philadelphia. I’m interested in community archives (and, more inclusively, in community collections).  I think archives are important for everyone and the more people involved, the better for us all.

The community projects I am currently involved with include The Radical Archives of Philadelphia (which directly informs many of the posts and insights of this blog) and the zine library of the The Soapbox Independent Publishing Center.

I know that community archives can benefit from the insight, time, effort and experience of professional archivists. And I know that professional archivists can benefit from involvement in community archives. My professional positions inform my community-driven positions, and vise verse. Many of the skills developed at one are transferable to another.

If you’re dying to know more and want  to stay current on the happenings of various community archives happenings, you can follow Scott on twitter. If you’re into that sort of thing. You can also contact Scott directly at slziegler [at] gmail [dot] com.

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