A new year, a new excuse to start an archives!

Though the new year is a few weeks old already, I’m just now getting around to thinking of it. Though I’m not much for New Year’s parties (kind of a wet blanket), I have noticed a common thread among New Year celebrations: A moving on from the old and embracing the new.

Most likely, this “now what’s next” mentality is symptomatic of all sorts of things I’m not smart enough to know about. Luckily, however, it does touch upon something I do know something about: the preservation of present for the benefit of the future.

The New Year’s embrace of all-things-new belies the deep need in many of us to hold on to the past. The nostalgia for yesteryear is prominent theme in any New Year’s party worth attending. Often the nostalgia is for a life lived unconscious of the changes taking place around it; a yesterday that didn’t leave anything behind for today.

It is with this in mind that I launch this brand new blog. I hope someone somewhere finds it helpful when that person starts an archives.


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